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Looking for Submissions for a Webzine

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Okay, so. Long story short: I've been planning on putting out a webzine dedicated to Naruto girl love, and it occurs to me that I could probably do with, y'know, content. I'm hoping to release the first issue in early January, and it'll be a sorry sight to see if it's full of nothing but my stuff. So, I'm looking for fic, art, icons, banners, essays, manipulations, comics, things of that nature, rated from G to R- or K to M, if you prefer.

-All girl/girl pairings are welcome, as are all threesomes that involve at least two females.

-Pretty much any kind of fic is accepted: death!fic, fluff!fic, crack!fic, how-not-to-write-a!fic, etc.

-Characterization and general quality, at least from where I stand, do matter.

-No bashing, end of story.

-WIP will only be accepted if the next installment can be guaranteed by the next month's issue.

-New works only, and I'd like a two-week exclusivity period.

If you have any work you're interested in submitting, email as attachment to dustbunny105@gmail.com; working deadline is the first of January.
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