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*scatters confetti*

Title: The Only One
Author: Vycksta
Fandom: OH I WONDER, REALLY... *bricked*
Characters: Inoichi, Ino
Rating: K+
Word Count: Around 8,600
Summary: The death of a loved one can make those who are grieving react in different ways... unfortunately for Inoichi, not only was he and Ino coping with it in an unusual way but so were people he hardly knew.

Authors Notes: I 10,000,000% loved writing this, which is rare for me as i'm a self-hater when it comes to fanfiction. 8D *la shimmy* ... and I so hope I got both Inoichi and Ino in-character, cause I adore them both to little itty bitty bits.

Oh yes. If you are awesomesauce enough to leave me a review... although no pressure, really... then can you do so at where the story is plztnx?

( Then again, Inoichi was also rather thankful that he only showed his comrades just the one letter... for there was plenty more where that came from. )
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