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Probably should've posted here too...

I need to ask a huge favour from all of you. I'm currently searching for images of Yamanaka Ino, post time-skip and from manga only. If you can just spam this entry with her, I'd gladly write an Ino-centred drabble or sketch up something Ino-related for you if you want to. I really, really need those pictures.

And if there's any Ino's roleplayer around here, I'd love to get in contact with you. Not for anything creepy, honestly; I'd just like to have insight in how you play her. ♥ If you can, drop me a comment or your SN and maybe we can chat.

Thanks you so much in advance! ♥
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InoSaku Drabble

kuTitle: Happy Birthday, Ino-chan
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino
Pairing: InoSaku
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG13
Summary: Sakura wants Ino to have a special birthday.
Notes: Written in celebration of Ino's birthday. I'm pretty sure the clock beat me by a nose, but it's still the twenty-third somewhere, right? Rated for implied sexual situations. Characters assumed to be no younger than the age of consent.

Fake Cut no Jutsu!

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Hello, hello~♥

New member, long time Ino fan here. I suppose an introduction is in line? I go by the name Kaara in the vast Webz. I don't know if any of you know me but I've written quite a number of Ino-centred fanfictions in FF.net. My main ship is NaruIno, but there's an unhealthy amount of NejiIno stuff there too. Alas, I haven't been feeling the muse lately BUT I SHALL RETURN WITH THE WRATH OF THOUSAND INOS! /random

Anyway. I bring art for Ino's birthday? DevArt link because my account is so neglected it's starting to rot.♥ Send some love my way if you like it?


Comments are loved!
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Dude, I totally just realized I have no Ino icons.

Wow, it's been pretty quiet lately. We're not dead, are we?

Anyway. I sort of hit a rut on a Lee/Ino fic I'm writing and was hoping that answering some Ino prompts would help kick my muse back into gear. So, anybody interested? I'm really looking into gen prompts in this case, but I'm fairly open about pairings and I'll do my best with  any crack!ships.